"It was a combination of new and old"


"A massive cathedral with gargoyles stood next to an office building made entirely out of glass. An abstract art installation of a balloon dog was planted near a statue honoring a famous German opera singer. Tiny shops that looked like gingerbread houses were across the street from strip malls similar to those in the United States.

Berlin was unlike any city Conner and the girls had ever been to. It was a combination of new and old, with monuments celebrating people and events of the past, alongside tributes encouraging thoughts and ideas for the future."[1]

Berlin is the capital of Germany. Conner, Bree, Mrs. Peters and the Bookhuggers go there in A Grimm Warning to witness the first reading of the three Grimm fairytales that were found in the time capsule. The reading takes place at St. Matthäus-Kirchhof Cemetery.

Mrs. Peters has a tour of the city planned for the children afte the reading, including tourist highlights such as Tiergarten Park, the Brandenburg Gate, the Chancellery and several museums - however, Conner will not be seeing the sights with them. When he realizes the Land of Stories is in danger, he fakes being ill in order to try and contact Alex through their communication mirror.

They stay at the (fictional) hotel Gewaeltiger Palast.


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