The Big Bad Wolf Pack are original characters from the Land of Stories series and only appear in The Wishing Spell. They are descendants of the Big Bad Wolf.

They travel around the fairy-tale world terrorizing villages and attacking unsuspecting travelers. Their leader is Malumclaw. The creation of the pack was triggered by C.R.A.W.L. Revolution.

In The Wishing Spell, Malumclaw makes a deal with the Evil Queen to bring her the twins Alex & Conner in return for Red Riding Hood. The wolves are killed in the battle at the abandoned castle when they fight at the Evil Queen's side.

Appearance and Personality

"These wolves were unlike any the twins had ever seen before. They were four times the size of any normal wolf of their world. Their fur was jet-black and matted. Their eyes were red, and their snouts were wide."[1]


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