The Pirates of the Jolly Roger are fictional characters from the story ''Peter Pan'' by J.M. Barrie.[1] They are from Neverland, and together with Mr. Smee, they make up Captain Hook's crew.

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In The Land of Stories series, Captain Hook, his right-hand[2] man Mr. Smee, and his army of Neverland Pirates are recruited by the Masked Man, in exchange for enabling Captain Hook to kill Peter.

Appearance and Personality

There are 'hundreds' of them, and they are described as 'monstrous and ragged-looking'. [3]


In Beyond the Kingdoms, the pirates follow Captain Hook and the Masked Man into Alice in Wonderland (and later into the Land of Stories).

In An Author's Odyssey, the pirates poison Mermaid Bay, then attack the Fairy Kingdom and the Northern Kingdom.[4]


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