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The dragons of the Land of Stories are fierce and dangerous creatures. They used to terrorize the entire world- so much that the time in which they lived is called the Dragon Age.

Dragon eggs are hatched in extreme heat. They used to prefer to lay their eggs in the volcanoes in the Eastern Kingdom to hatch them in the magma[1]. This is also where the Masked Man leads General Marquis to hatch his dragon egg in A Grimm Warning.

One kind of dragons is specially mentioned in A Grimm Warning: albino dragons. Their flames have healing powers (see: Albino Dragon Flames).

Dragons are extinct[2] - they were all killed when the elves and fairies teamed up to fight them and make the lands safe again. The Dragon Age ended to make way for the Age of Magic. Mother Goose claims to have wrestled 'many a dragon in her day', though in A Grimm Warning, admits those were only small ones.[3] According to her, the Fairy Godmother is the only one who knows how to kill them. She is the one who kills the newly hatched dragon of the Masked Man.


(see Dragon Age)


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