"Many flew around in the air, some just hovered above the ground, and some walked on smaller paths adjacent to the one the twins were on. They were all different shapes and sizes and colors. Some were taller than Alex and Conner, some were as small as Trix, and some didn't seem even to be solid, but rather made from pure light.

There were just as many male fairies as there were female. Some of the fairies wore gowns, others' clothes were made entirely from plant materials, and some wore nothing at all. Many had miniature homes in the branches of teh trees on in mushrooms on the ground, and there were fairies who even lived underwater with colorful fish."[1]

The fairies live in the Fairy Kingdom, lead by the Fairy Council.

Some characters in The Land of Stories are part human, part fairy; Alex and Conner Bailey, and (most likely) Little Bo Peep's son.


See: History of the Fairy Kingdom


  1. TLOS I, ch 12, p. 269 - another description of the fairies can be found in TLOS III, ch 8, p. 149

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