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Mermaids are magical creatures of the sea who preside over Mermaid Bay. It is unknown if the Seafoam Spirit (formerly: Little Mermaid) is something like their royalty or leader, or if she's just another water being. They are not members of the assemblies created by the Fairy Godmother and her granddaughter Alex Bailey. However, they are benign creatures and will not sit idle when they have the opportunity to aid someone. They have saved the twins and their friends twice and the Seafoam Spirit rescued an unknown prince from drowning, implying that they may help people at sea.

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Not much is known about the mermaids. They may be capable of living hundreds of years like their fictional counterparts in Hans Christian Andersen's version of the tale who could live for three hundred years. It is unknown how long they live compared to the lifespans of fairies, witches, and dwarfs. The Seafoam Spirit's existence implies that maybe a few mermaids can live after death as sea spirits, not unlike creatures such as Nimue.

Physical Description

"They were gorgeous and colorful. All of them were pale but had long hair that matched their tails in vibrant sea colors; there were blues and greens, purples and pinks."[1]

Mermaids have the heads, arms, and torsos of beautiful human women and the lower bodies and tails of colorful fish covered in shimmering ocean-hued scales. Their flowing hair matches the hues of their scales. Their colouring ranges from blue and green to pink and purple. When they swim together they resemble a school of tropical fish. Most mermaids have pale skin that rarely ever sees sunlight.


As beings of the sea, mermaids can breathe underwater like fish and their voices are undiminished by water, meaning their voices can be heard clearly as if they were spoken on land. Their fins allow them to swim with greater skill, speed and agility than any human. They appear to be strong as they were able to battle and subdue the Sea Witch's army of great white sharks and giant anglerfish.

The mermaids also seem to be magical but the limits and capabilities of their powers are unknown. The Little Mermaid crafted enchanted seashells capable of protecting people, specifically from the cursed Thornbush Pit (which was fueled by Ezmia's magic, the most powerful of all fairies). The mermaids gave Alex and Conner shells as diving masks which supplied them with a seemingly continuous supply of air without an air tank. The mermaids may also have some power over water as they conjured a giant bubble to protect the twins beneath the waves.

They were considered enough of a threat for the Masked Man to poison their home and drive them away to prevent them from interfering.[2]


The history of the mermaids is thus far unknown. For unknown reasons, they were not asked or simply refused to be apart of the Happily Ever After Assembly nor were they asked to join the Happily Forever After Assembly.

Whenever portals joining the Land of Stories with the Otherworld opened, mermaids and other fabled creatures have wandered through, (unintentionally) creating our myths of mermaids. The Sisters Grimm note their influence in the North.[3]

Current Events

1.The Wishing Spell

While examining the map of the Land of Stories, Alex sees Mermaid Bay and gets excited about seeing real mermaids. Later on, the Big Bad Wolf Pack chases them off a cliff and into the deep. Mermaids spot them and conjure a giant bubble to keep them safe in their watery kingdom. The mermaids introduce the twins to the Seafoam Spirit, the Little Mermaid herself. She informs them of the cursed knife and tells them where to find it. She also crafts to magical amulets out of seashells to protect them from the vicious thorns and briars. The mermaids then escort them up the river as far as they can swim before departing.

2. The Enchantress Returns

The mermaids help the Granny's descent into their bay. The Seafoam Spirit warns them about the Sea Witch but summons her friend, the Giant Sea Turtle to escort them to the Sea Witch's cavern. Later, the travellers weep and mourn at the sight of the mermaids whom the Sea Witch had chained to the ceiling of her cavern to slowly dry them up. After escaping with the slimy hag's jewels with her sea monster army on their tails, the mermaids come to their aid and subdue the sharks and giant anglers.

4. Beyond the Kingdoms

While the Land of Stories Mermaids do not appear in this novel, J.M. Barrie's version of the Neverland Mermaids appear when the twins and their allies enter the story of Peter Pan. These creatures are nothing like the alluring sea maidens of the Fairytale World. (see character page for more info)

A Land of Stories Mermaid's skeleton is included in the Sisters Grimm's collection.

5. An Author's Odyssey

The Masked Man had Captain Hook and his crew poison Mermaid Bay to drive the Land of Stories Mermaids away so that they could not interfere with his plans.


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