The trolls and goblins from the Troll and Goblin Territory are said to be "grotesque and dreadful", with warts, sharp teeth and horrible hygiene.

"They were the type of monsters Alex and Conner used to have nightmares about when they were younger."[1]

They are notorious for capturing "trespassers" and keeping them as slaves. 

When Trollbella becomes queen, she makes quite a few changes in the kingdom that affect her subjects. She makes the trolls and goblins wash regularily, be less rude / mean, and forces them to dance with her prisoners. She "combines" their name into "Troblins". The Troblins seem rather unhappy with this entire situation.

The trolls and goblins used to live in tunnels and caverns underground; when their territory is flooded by Ezmia, they build a floating city on the newly formed lake and rename the territory "The Great Troblin Lake".

In A Grimm Warning, the Troblins are made to take a vow never to enslave anyone again.[2]


Their territory used to be warded off by rocks to protect the surrounding kingdoms, but the trolls and goblins found ways through to kidnap people. After the Grande Armée is defeated, the Troblins and Trollbella join the Happily Forever After Assembly.


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