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Clawdius is an original character from the Land of Stories series. He is a wolf cub found and 'adopted' by Queen Red Riding Hood. He first appears in The Enchantress Returns, ch 17. His name is a play on "Claudius" and "claws".

Appearance and Personality

When Red finds him, she doesn't recognize him as a wolf and thinks he's a dog pup. Since she is afraid of wolves, she rejects him at first when she finds out, but later reconsiders and decides to keep him as her pet, partially because he helped scare the Giant's giant cat back up the Beanstalk in ch 19.

"If it weren't for Clawdius, a giant man-eating cat would be wreaking havoc on my kingdom right now. He's not a killer after all! On the contrary- he's a savior!"[1]

He makes another appearance in A Grimm Warning, now a fully grown wolf. Red is apparently training him and threatens him with 'shaking a can of coins' when he misbehaves.[2] He occasionally swallows pixies when visiting the Fairy Palace.[3] He is not allowed to come to Red's wedding in Beyond the Kingdoms, because Red is keeping him inside the castle until he "learns the difference between children and chew toys."[4]


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