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Conner Jonathan Bailey
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Biographical Information
World Unknown
Title(s) "Head Fairy Dude" (A Grimm Warning)
Also known as "Conner Wishington" (by himself), "Butterboy", "Butterman", "Butterking" (Trollbella), "C-Dog" (Mother Goose), "Hamlet" (Queen Red), "Master Connermoondo" (himself), Conner of Bailey (Robin Hood) "Sorcerer" (Robin Hood) “"Head fairy dude”"(by himself)
Physical information
Species Part human, part fairy
Gender Male
Age 16 in Worlds Collide and at a high age, as revealed in the epilogue “Do you believe in magic”
Hair colour Strawberry-blonde
Eye colour Bright blue
Personality Freckles, "a few inches" taller than his sister, purses his lips when he has a question (resp. The Enchantress Returns, ch 1 p15 & 2, p37), humor.
Family information
Family Members Alex Bailey (twin sister)
Charlotte Bailey (mother)
John Bailey (father)
Fairy Godmother (grandmother) 
Dr. Bob (stepfather)
Masked Man/Lloyd (uncle)
Emmerich Himmelsbach (cousin)
Bree Campbell (wife)
Elizabeth (daughter)
Ben (son-in-law)
Charlie (granddaughter)
Matthew (son)
Henry (son-in-law)
Ayden (grandson)
Grayson (grandson)
Carrie (daughter)
Scott (son-in-law)
Brighton (grandson)
Sammy (granddaughter)
Levi (grandson)
Affiliation Unknown
Land of Stories
First Appearance The Wishing Spell, ch 1
Appeared in Book(s) The Wishing Spell, The Enchantress Returns, A Grimm Warning, Beyond the Kingdoms, An Author's Odyssey, Worlds Collide


Conner Jonathan Bailey (better known as just Conner Bailey) is an original character from The Land of Stories series, and one of the two main characters in the series.

Conner is a boy of school-going age (he turns 12 in the first book; later aging further as the series progresses) from our world (the "Otherworld") who used to live in a small rental house with his twin sister Alex and his mother Charlotte. His father, John Bailey, died a few days before he and his sister turned 11. While Alex stays in the Land of Stories after their second adventure in The Enchantress Returns, Conner and Charlotte move into Bob's house. At the end of A Grimm Warning, Conner decides to stay in the Land of Stories for a while too to help his sister find the Masked Man.

 Appearance and Personality

"Besides sharing looks and birth date, [Alex] and [Conner] couldn't have been more different. Conner may have had a lot of friends, but unlike his sister, he had trouble in school...mostly trouble staying awake."[1]

Though he and Alex are twins, they haven't "looked like identical twins since they were four years old" and then Charlotte stopped dressing them in the same outfits every day [2].

Conner is described in The Wishing Spell as a popular boy who has trouble in school due to concentration problems. His teacher often negatively compares him to his sister, which makes him feel very bad about himself.[3]

"It wasn't the end of a school day unless Conner left feeling completely worthless."[4]

His wit and "smart" remarks are attributed to being painfully honest - he occasionally embarrasses himself or Alex with it.[5]

When Conner and his sister arrive in the Land of Stories, he is far less enthusiastic about it as Alex. He is more "realistic" about the actual danger they are in than his sister, and often reminds her they should hurry on their quest and don't stop to be a "tourist".

Towards the end of The Wishing Spell, he finds out he is part fairy, as his father was from The Land of Stories. His grandmother is the Fairy Godmother. In the shards of the Mirror of Truth, Conner's reflection has fairy wings (which he finds to be gross).[6]

At the start of The Enchantress Returns, Conner is called to Mrs. Peters' office and thinks he is trouble, but instead she compliments him on his writing and encourages him to continue and become a writer. It is the first time he ever considers what he might do in the future.[7]

When he and Alex return to the Land of Stories and embark on their journey to save their mother, it is Conner who stays positive when everyone else seems to be giving up. He is also the one who remembers reading about the Wand of Wonderment and convinces the others they should take the chance.[8]

At the end of The Enchantress Returns, Conner goes back to his own world, even though his twin sister stays in the Land of Stories. Though he is very upset about this, he does acknowledge that she is better suited for that world because she wants to be a fairy, and he doesn't. He realized he has always been more of a storyteller and would do better in their world writing fairy tales.[9]

At the start of A Grimm Warning, he is invited to come on a school trip by Mrs. Peters because of his affinity for fairy tales. He is very pleased when he finds out that Bree Campbell will also be going, and although he denies it to himself for a long while, he has a crush on her. In Beyond the Kingdoms, it is mentioned he misses her quite a lot.[10]

When he realizes the Land of Stories is in danger, Conner goes to great lengths to keep it (and his sister and grandmother) safe. He's not afraid to stand up to the adults of either world when he feels they aren't listening to him, and he shows great bravery and leadership skills in the battle against the Grande Armée.

Conner is described to be wary of the internet / smartphones, and prefers libraries to get his information.[11]

Though he isn't interested in being a fairy or doing magic, he accepts this part of himself to help Alex become the Fairy Godmother. In Beyond the Kingdoms, his magic is needed to make the Portal Potion, and although he tries hard to get out of that responsibility, he finally gets over his fear of failure and succeeds.[12]

When Alex is close to giving up the search for the Masked Man, Conner is the one who remains positive and boosts morale.[13]


Conner and his twin sister are very close. They often help each other in many ways and lift other's spirits and, in A Grimm Warning, the two see through each other's attempts to hide their secret crushes from each other.[14] They complement each other's personalities, and together are capable of creating great magic.[15] In Beyond the Kingdoms, Conner feels guilty for doubting her in front of the Fairy Council and feels he should have trusted her judgement more.[16] They both think of a way to make the portal potion at the same time, though they are trapped in separate worlds, proving once more that they 'think like twins'.[17]

Conner easily befriends Mother Goose, finding her stories and jokes awesome, though his appreciation for her wavers when he finds out she is responsible for letting the Grand Armée threaten the Land of Stories[18]. She regains his respect when she publicly owns up to this and takes responsibility for her actions.[19]

Conner has a crush on his school friend, Bree, and at the end of A Grimm Warning, finds out she has a crush on him too. [20] They eventually end up getting married and having three children, who don't believe magic is real (see Worlds Collide).


1. The Wishing Spell

Alex and Conner get their Grandmother's story book for their twelfth birthday and when Conner remembers that Alex is going to go in it Conner skips detention and goes running into Alex's room. Alex becomes surprised and falls in to the book and Conner follows her. They meet a man named Froggy who had been cursed. He tells them about the whishing spell over Lilly pad tea. He gives them a journal that can hopefully guides them. Alex and Conner follow it solving riddles and finally they get all the items, but then Froggy shows up and asks for them to meet the Fairy Godmother, so he can change back to human. When they are about to go the wolf pack shows up and gives them to the Evil Queen in exchange for Queen Red. The Evil Queen activates the Wishing Spell and frees Mira, but he dies in her arms. She cries and doesn't move then the mirror falls on her and she becomes trapped. The soldiers bring back the twins and they stay at the palace. Alex and Conner get invited to the Charming Kingdom party because the Fairy Godmother wants a word with them. They discover that their grandmother is the fairy godmother and she brings them back home.

2. The Enchantress Returns

Conner is the driving force behind their quest to assemble the Wand of Wonderment. Red, along with her subjects, helps to build their main source of transportation, The Granny. Then goes on to take Alex Bailey to Sleeping Beauty's Castle to meet with Lady of the East and King Chase Charming. Hagatha shows the secret to destroying Ezmia.

3. A Grimm Warning

Conner stays in the Otherworld while Alex is in the Fairy Tale World. At the beginning of the book, he goes on a field trip to Germany. While there, he discovers the fact the the Grande Armée is on it's way to the Fairy Tale World. Determined to protect it (and his sister and grandma). Conner, along with Bree and Emmerich, find a magical panpipe that will open the portal to the Land of Stories. While there, he helps his sister recruit the armies of every kingdom in the Land of Stories and fights alongside them during the war in the Fairy Kingdom.

4. Beyond the Kingdoms

Conner is afraid his sister is losing her control over her magic. After she disappears, he tries to find clues that could lead to finding the Masked Man (and Alex) and he finds out about the portal potion. He is knocked out by the Masked Man during Red and Froggy's wedding, and they quickly gather the Masked Man was there to steal books and travel into them using the portal. The quest to find the Masked Man begins. They follow him into the books, first to Oz, then to Neverland. They are lead to believe the Masked Man has gone back to the Land of Stories and try to follow him, splitting up in two groups, but they have been tricked into going in to the wrong books. Conner, the Tin Woodman and Peter Pan end up in Robin Hood's story. Conner realizes he has to make the portal potion to get back and has to tap into his own magic to make it work. He travels back to Oz, meets up with his friends, and returns to the Land of Stories to find the Fairy Palace destroyed. He and Alex prepare themselves to travel back to their own world to build their own army to defeat the Masked Man.

5. An Author's Odyssey

Conner and Alex need to make an army to battle the other army. So they go into Conner's short stories: Starboardia, The Ziblings, The Adventures of Blimp Boy, and Galaxy Queen. They collect the characters to form an army. In order to battle the The Literary Army.

6. Worlds Collide

In the prologue, decades into the future, Conner is now an author, celebrating his 80th birthday. He realizes that he does not know what Alex looks like at the same age. He only remembers her from her teen years. Conner finds all his written books in the Fairytaletopia series, looking for clues on what happened to Alex. He manages to remember the events in the first five books he has written, but when he realizes he couldn't remember the events in the sixth, titled "The Great New York Adventure", he starts reading the book and hopes that he can remember where his sister is and what she looked like.

In the present, Conner and his friends try to find Alex. They find her in a library, but she is under a curse and is now being controlled by the witches, who puts her to sleep when she is unneeded. Through their dreams, Alex leaves Conner a message asking him to kill her to prevent the disaster the witches are planning, but he refuses to do so. Instead, he writes a story in which their father never died, and enters it with his sister. At the sight of their father, they both cry and the curse is washed away.

In the epilogue, back in the future, Conner is warned by his granddaughter, Charlie, that his children are planning to send him to a retirement home. He reassures her that his sister will be picking him up soon and he will return, but not before his kids regret their selfish decision. When Alex comes to pick him up, she chides him for having forgotten to take the potion she gives him to retain his mental faculties in his advancing age and they disappear with a flash while Charlie watches in awe.


(About the Bridge Troll) "How are we so sure that this is actually his bridge? I'd like to see some ownership identification before we continue".[21]

"Why were you so interested in a dead girl, anyway?"[22]

"We can't even have a dog without it being a magical conspiracy!"[23]

"Who haunts a new castle? That's like holding a grudge against a baby!"[24]

"Witch, please."[25]

"If I have the choice of being doubtful or being hopeful, I'm going to choose hopeful. It takes less work to be positive."[26]

"Oh, come on! Alex gets to live in another dimension but I can't go on a school trip to Germany?"[27]

"Alex, I've been impressed by you since the womb. I'm sure your part of the uterus was much neater and more organized than mine."[28]

"Glass people shouldn't throw stones."[29]

"Grandma sent you an angel moth from outer space?"[30]

(About the Castle of Hearts) "It's like Valentine's Day threw up in here."[31]

"He had always considered magic to be like math; it was a skill Alex and only Alex had inherited."[32]

(About the giant's cat) "God, I hate this flipping cat!"

(About almost marrying Trollbella"Gosh, I hope divorce exists in this world."

"Oh snap, need ointment for that burn Ezmia?"

”Oh, great. Who’s going to babysit us now? Bingo and the tooth fairy?”

(About being in the Ugly Duckling Pond) “I’ve always wanted a pool, but this is ridiculous!“

( To the Snow Queen) ”Hey, abominable snow-woman! Over here!"

(To the Enchantress) "You're ugly and you smell bad. Where I come from, everyone thinks you're green with horns!"

"Oh, good one! Way to make yourself better, Ezmia. Killing another innocent child really shows how prideful you are! What are you going to do next? Club a couple of baby seals?"

"Seriously? It's not exactly like this place is Fort Knox."

(In The Ziblings story)“Now let’s go to the bank before it gets robbed without us.”

(About the Moon Jumper Express going too fast) "Alex...I think I peed a little."

(About Alex helping him cheat a test in sixth grade) “The only C or B that belonged on my tests were my initials,”

“This discomfort is almost comforting,”

(About the Lady of the East)“What am I supposed to say? I don’t speak ghost!”

(Climbing the Beanstalk to Alex) “We should start wearing skinny jeans."

“Unless Mary Poppins moved into the neighborhood.”

“Did someone adjust the contrast settings?”

(About the Elves) ''Maybe they went to find they're roots, just like you said about bugs and insects."

"We've almost been killed twice, and we haven't even been here a full day yet! We need to stop fooling around and find a way home, Alex!"


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(To Trix) "You know, being banned would be really terrible, though wouldn't it? You'd probably have to live in an old bird nest in the Dwarf forest and being chased by wolves and witches every day, and that's only if a ogre doesn't capture you in a jar and barbecue you first!"


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