Biographical Information
World The Land Of Stories
Title(s) Unknown
Also known as Unknown
Physical information
Species Unicorn
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair colour White
Eye colour Unknown
Personality A broken horn, little fatter than average unicorns
Family information
Family Members Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Land of Stories
First Appearance A Grimm Warning, ch. 2
Appeared in Book(s) A Grimm Warning, Beyond the Kingdoms

“I chose you because you are different from all the other unicorns in the Fairy Kingdom. Your horn may be broken and small, but your heart is big and strong.”

-Alex Bailey [TLOS III, ch 2]


Cornelius is an original character from The Land of Stories series. He first appears in A Grimm Warning, ch 2. He is a magical unicorn who helps Alex Bailey.

As a baby, Cornelius suffered an accident that caused his horn to be broken in half. Since then he has suffered depressions and exclusion from the other unicorns.

Appearance and Personality

Cornelius is a white unicorn with golden hooves and has a good smile. His horn is broken and he is said to be a little overweight. And he is very self-conscious because of that.

Cornelius "wears his heart on his hoof". He has a good heart and is brave.

Alex Bailey has described him as unique and different. Which made him proud after all the bullying the unicorns did at the The Fairy Kingdom.

Breaking his horn did not affect his ability to use magic. His magic allows him to find persons in need of help and he travels at a magically enhanced pace.[1]

Cornelius is apparently a good dancer.[2]


Cornelius is very close to Alex. He is her companion on her fairy duties. She loves him and helps him with his confidence and finding a place in the world.

He is also very close to Rook, and was presumely saddened when he died.

However, when Alex starts losing control over her powers, she accidentally hurts him and feels so bad about it that she keeps her distance from him after that.[3] Cornelius then spends several months helping Rook find the Masked Man.[4]


1. The Wishing Spell


2. The Enchantress Returns


3. A Grimm Warning

Cornelius helps Alex with her daily fairy duties. During Alex's fairy inauguration, Cornelius is presented as a proof that Alex passed the test of kindness.

He fought the dragon along with the other unicorns and is injured, but not severely.

4. Beyond the Kingdoms

After the defeat of the Grande Armée, Cornelius and Rook have spent months trying to find the Masked Man. Cornelius helps Rook find Alex, and he tells her where to find him.

5. A Author's Odessey

He is stationed at the old hideout to lead the Bailey twins if they ever return to the Land of Stories.

6. Worlds Collide

He fights against the Literary Army and carries Rook back to the Fairy Tale world after his death.


“Alex gave this unicorn a chance to prove himself even when the unicorns of his own herd had disregarded him,” Xanthous continued. “She has proven that she believes passion is far more important than appearance and in doing so has passed the test of kindness.”[5]


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