Elvina the Elf Empress
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Biographical Information
World Land of Stories
Title(s) Empress of the Elf Empire
Also known as "Empress Tree Lady" (Conner)
Physical information
Species Elves
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Hair colour Dark
Eye colour Brown
Other Traits Unknown
Family information
Family Members Unknown
Affiliation Happily Forever After Assembly
Land of Stories
First Appearance A Grimm Warning ch 23
Appeared in Book(s) A Grimm Warning, Beyond the Kingdoms

"Empress Elvina is just as cunning as she is beautiful. She’s like a poisonous flower, pretty and peaceful on the outside but dangerous on the inside." [1]


Empress Elvina is an original character from the Land of Stories series and first appears in A Grimm Warning. She is in charge of The Elf Empire.

Appearance and Personality

"Empress Elvina was the largest elf in the room and when she stood from her throne she towered over everyone, including the twins - she was like a queen bee in a hive."[2]

Empress Elvina is larger than other elves. She has a pointed jaw, pointed ears, large brown eyes, and very long earlobes. Her dark hair is wrapped in two buns on each side of her head and she wears a large headdress made of branches that stretch high and wide above her.

Her gown is made of sticks and twigs, making her look like "a walking tree".[3] Her headdress is a "sacred crown worn by every ruler of the Elf Empire since the Dragon Age".[4]

She puts the well-being of her own people before everything and holds a grudge against the Fairy Council for the way the elves were treated after the defeat of the dragons in the Dragon Age. For this reason, she distrusts fairies and humans alike.[5] She is surprised by Alex keeping her word about the Happily Forever After Assembly, clearly not expecting it from someone in league with the fairies.[6]


Elvina has a large red squirrel as a pet. When visiting the Fairy Council, she arrives on a giant swan.


1. The Wishing Spell 


2. The Enchantress Returns 


3. A Grimm Warning 

When the twins ask Elvina for help, she initially refuses, saying she doesn't feel obliged to help the Happily Ever After Assembly. Just as Alex has convinced her to committing her army by promising she will lead the Happily Forever After Assembly, the Empire is attacked. She joins the assembly after the war.

4. Beyond the Kingdoms

In Beyond the Kingdoms, she attends Red and Froggy's (almost) wedding. It is unclear what happened to the Elf Empire and Elvina when the Masked Man's army of literary villains attacked; persumably they have taken refuge in their tree.


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