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The Fairy Council was an institution that enforced the law in the Fairy Kingdom, based in the Fairy Palace. It was originally formed by Mother Goose, the Fairy Godmother (Brystal Lynn Evergreen), Emerelda Stone, Tangerina Turkin, Skylene Lavenders, Xanthous Hayfield, with the Fairy Godmother as their leader.

The fairies in the council were some of the most powerful beings in the Land of Stories. After the events the Masked Man succeeded in recruiting a literary army, they were turned to stone and temporarily incapacitated,[1] but later freed by Froggy.[2]

Some of the Fairies in the Fairy Council


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The ten fairies come in different sizes and have different traits and powers, making them unique.

  • Rosette Medows, the red fairy (can make flower of any shape and size grow)
  • Xanthous Hayfield, the yellow fairy (produce fire from his skin without getting burnt)
  • Emerelda Stone, the green fairy (who can transform anything into a gem.)
  • Skylene Lavenders, the blue fairy (instead of hair she had a stream of water that flowed down to her waist)

Special members of the council were the Fairy Godmother and Mother Goose who were rarely present because of their travels around the Land of Stories kingdoms and to the other world. When the Fairy Godmother "returns to magic" after slaying a dragon, Alex took her place as the new Fairy Godmother and leader of the council.

Alex was later 'ungodmothered' and no longer lead the council. The new leader of the council was Emerelda. It is unknown whether Alex regained her position after, or if someone else took her place but it's most likely she regained her position.


The Fairy Council enforced the law in the Fairy Kingdom. They were described as rather rigid, uncompromising and stern.

An example of their decision-making can be found when Alex and Conner met a young fairy (Trix) who was accused of using magic against another fairy.[3] Though the Fairy Council was sympathetic to Trix's appeal, they were about to banish her from the kingdom anyway ("rules are rules") until Conner intervened. He later accused the Council of focusing on the wrong things, because they didn't know the trolls and goblins were still enslaving people. They took his words to heart, and started focusing on real problems.[4]

They take an active role in fighting against the threats to the Land of Stories like the Enchantress and the Grande Armeé. They remained absent in later events since they had all been turned to stone

They participated in the battle in the Otherworld against the witches and Literary Vilnians.

Current State

The Council accused Alex of neglecting her Fairy Godmother duties and spending too much time trying to find the Masked Man. They gave her an ultimatum, which she refused, and they "ungodmothered" her. When the Masked Man and his army arrived in the Land of Stories, the Fairy Palace was destroyed and the members of the Fairy Council were turned to stone;[5] later, they were freed by Froggy with Medusa's tears.[2]


"We are the Fairy Council- if we lose our hope, all hope for the rest of the world is as good as gone."[6]-Fairy Council

"And if you excuse us, we have a kingdom to rebuild and a world to save" -Brystal Evergreen

"They've always thought doing nothing is better than doing something that might be harmful or make them look bad. But that's politics for you."[7]-Mother Goose


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