The Happily Forever After Assembly is an organization created to unite the kingdoms against threats and war. It was founded by Alex in A Grimm Warning after she abolished the Happily Ever After Assembly. She invited the rulers of the Elf Empire and the Troblins to join as well, which they accepted.[1]


The Happily Forever After Assembly is composed of the monarchs and leaders of the different kingdoms in The Land Of Stories :


"My grandmother formed the Happily Ever After Assembly as a way of uniting the world, but as the Grande Armée proved, the world is far from being united. The war wasn't the last threat we'll face. We have to be prepared for whatever the future may bring and we can't do that if some of us are left out of the conversation. So, today, I am founding the Happily Forever After Assembly, and I'm asking the troblins and the elves to join us."[2]


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