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The Huntress is an original character from The Land of Stories series. Her first appearance is in The Wishing Spell, ch 8. She is the Huntsman's daughter.

Appearance and Personality

"She was tall and thin with hair so dark red, it seemed to have a violet tint. Her eyes were bright green and her clothing was made entirely of plants and leaves and other greenery."[1]

The Huntsman's daughter is mute and is described as having been a shy little girl when she grew up. Her real name is not mentioned in the book. She is named "Huntress" by the Evil Queen.[2] She helps the Evil Queen retrieve the items of the Wishing Spell.

The Huntress is killed by a cannon ball (fired by Jack) when she is about to kill Goldilocks in the final battle of the Wishing Spell.[3]


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