"The barkeep there has a very generous pour—his name is Lester, he’s a sweet man and an old friend of mine. Always said I would name my first child after him if I ever had one." Mother Goose (TLOS III, Prologue)


Lester is an original character from the Land of Stories series. He is a goose, and Mother Goose's main transportation tool and companion. She claims to him to travel in the Otherworld to avoid detection, because when people see him they just assume he's a normal bird in the sky.[1]

He first appears in The Enchantress Returns, ch 7. Mother Goose mentioned that she won him as a golden egg from some ogres in the Dwarf Forests. in The Enchantress Returns, he helps Alex get to her grandmother's cottage.

In A Grimm Warning, Lester helps Alex and Conner travel to Pinocchio Prison to find out what happened to the prisoners, and to the Troll & Goblin Territory and the Elf Empire to negotiate with Trollbella and Elvina. When the Elf Empire is attacked, he is wounded by a cannonball from the Grand Armée, but healed by the witch Hagetta.[2] He also flies Alex and Conner up high over the kingdoms so they can perform the spell that will transport and unite all the armies.[3]

In Beyond the Kingdoms, he has accompanied Mother Goose to the Giant's Castle in the sky, but they both return to help Alex when she goes on her quest to find the Masked Man. Lester saves Red's life when she almost gets blown away by the cyclone in the Land of Oz.[4] His feathers become a part of the Portal Potion that Alex makes to escape from King Arthur's world.[5] Lester and Mother Goose part ways here, as Mother Goose stays behind with Merlin while Lester goes back to the Land of Stories with Alex.

Appearance and Personality

Lester cannot speak. Nevertheless, his expressions and squawks often confirm or deny the things Mother Goose says about him.

His age is unknown, but in A Grimm Warning, the golden egg from which he hatched is featured in the Prologue, which is set in 1811 Otherworld-Time.[6]

He is mentioned to love Mexico[7] and sometimes dresses up in Mother Goose's bonnets.[8] He also loves the slot machines at Vegas.[9]

Nicknames: "stupid gander", "future pillow stuffing", "stupid bird", "mattress filler", "finest pheasant" (Mother Goose), "Lestersaurus" (Conner).


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