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Lucy Goose
Mother gooosee.jpg
Mother Goose & Lester
Biographical Information
World Land of Stories


Title(s) Unknown
Also known as Mother Goose,

Mona Lisa, Guinevere, Lady Godiva, The Goose Flu, O.M.G. (by Conner Bailey), Mother Mayhem, Goose (by Fairy Godmother), Granny, Madam Goose, M.G., The Flute Lady/The Pied Piper

Physical information
Species "Experienced"


Witch (briefly)

Gender Female
Age About 200
Hair colour Grey
Eye colour Light Blue
Personality Starts to rhyme when she drinks, easy-going, free spirit
Family information
Family Members Human mother and wizard father left her with Madame Weatherberry
Affiliation Fairy Council
Land of Stories
First Appearance The Enchantress Returns
Appeared in Book(s) The Wishing Spell,(mention only), The Enchantress Returns, A Grimm Warning, Beyond the Kingdoms, An Author's Odyssey, Worlds Collide, A Tale Of Magic, A Tale Of Witchcraft. The Mother Goose Diaries

"Mother Goose has always been a bit of a...well...a handful."[1]

Background Information

Lucy Goose was part of the fairy council and is "experienced". She is known to read rhymes about the fairytale world to children.

She was able to travel between worlds (with the Fairy Godmother) and read nursery rhymes around the world to children. She was part of the Fairy Council and the Happily Ever After Assembly. She "retires" and joins Merlin in his story: King Arthur.

Mother Goose was an elderly woman who liked to have a good time. She liked to gamble, have drinks (mostly spirits or bubbly), and travel with her pet goose, Lester.

She started to rhyme when she drank too much. Also, she liked to call people with nicknames instead of their actual names.

She casually dropped hints about all of her previous adventures. She claimed to have started the Renaissance. She also said she used to wrestle small dragons in the Dragon Age and had a burn scar on her forearm from it.[2] She mentioned she had traveled with a traveling circus before,[3] was once buried alive[4], had a tattoo[5], spent a weekend on the Mayflower[6], and may (or may not) have started the Great Fire of London.[7] She said that she had dated Leonardo Da Vinci, and Mona Lisa was one of her nicknames.

She was technically part Witch, as her father was a warlock.


'Mother' of Lester, a pet gander. Mother Goose won him as a golden egg from some ogres in the Dwarf Forests. She said she used him to travel in the Otherworld to avoid detection, because when people saw him they just assumed he was a normal bird in the sky.

She used to be friends with people at the Red Lion Brewery in London in the mid-1800s. She put an invincibility spell on the South Bank Lion and enchanted him to be able to talk (and listen), because she kept crashing into it and needed someone to talk to after her friends from the brewery died.[8]

She claimed to have known the Wright brothers, Leonardo DaVinci, the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, the Queen of England, Walt Disney and George Clooney, though some of her stories can be taken with a grain of salt.[9] She refers to Amelia Earhart (famous aviation pioneer and women's rights activist) as her friend,[10] and claimed to have 'been there' during the Lewis and Clark Expedition of North America.[11]

In A Grimm Warning, it was revealed she knew King Ludwig II of Bavaria personally and convinced him to build a castle on top of the portal to the Land of Stories. In order for the portal to be opened by the Grimm Brothers, Mother Goose formed a blood bond with Wilhelm Grimm, so he would have 'magic in his blood'.[12]

Mother Goose was the Fairy Godmother's first apprentice, but didn't want to become the next Fairy Godmother because it was too much responsibility.[13] After the Fairy Godmother died, Mother Goose retreats to the Giant's castle in the sky, claiming she felt weary and tired, but she returned to help Alex find the Masked Man.

She officiated the marriage between Jack and Goldilocks in the Dwarf Forests and did the same for Red and Froggy in New York City.

When she and Alex were transported into a storybook about King Arthur, she met Merlin and got along with him so well she decided to stay in his story.[14]

Adventures in the Land of Stories and Beyond

2. The Enchantress Returns

Mother Goose is hired to watch Alex and Conner in the Otherworld. Meanwhile, the fairies attempt to track down the Evil Enchantress. Alex finds out about the Evil Enchantress after tricking Mother Goose into telling her and decides to try and get back to the Land of Stories to rescue their mother.

3. A Grimm Warning

It is revealed that back in the 1800s, Mother Goose gave the Grande Armée a map to a portal to the Land of Stories that would take them 200 years to travel through. She then neglected to tell anyone about it, and thought it didn't matter anymore after the gateways were all sealed in by the Fairy Godmother after the events in The Enchantress Returns.

Mother Goose hears the Three Witches' prophecy and realizes the 200 years have passed and the Grande Armée is on its way. She contacts Conner and has him check the portal to the Land of Stories on his side. In order to do so, he must access her vault in a casino in Monte Carlo to retrieve a magical panpipe which opens the portal. When he, Emmerich and Bree arrive in the Land of Stories, Mother Goose is forced to take responsibility for her actions. She helps in the battle against the Masked Man, dragon and the Grande Armée.

4. Beyond the Kingdoms

When Alex finds Mother Goose in the Giant's Castle in the sky, she joins her on her quest to find the Masked Man. She travels along to the Land of Oz, Neverland, and Wonderland, where she shares a hookah with the Caterpillar to find out where to find the Castle of Hearts. She and Alex end up in the story of King Arthur by mistake, being tricked by the Masked Man into going into the wrong story. She meets Merlin there and gets along with him so well she decides to stay in his story.

5. An Author's Odyssey

Mother Goose is living with Merlin and Arthur. Arthur is very distracted during his training thinking about Alex so Mother Goose talks to him and tries to get him to move on however her lecture is misinterpreted by Arthur and she accidentally promises to take him to Alex if he still likes her after he has fulfilled his 'destiny'.

6. Worlds Collide

Mother Goose is living with Merlin and Arthur. Arthur wakes her and Merlin one night and tries to get them to believe that he spoke to Alex through their dreams and that she’s in danger. They don’t believe him at first but eventually agree to go and check if things are all right. When they find out that many are in danger they set off to help. Mother Goose does the honors when Red and Froggy get married.


"Mind your beeswax, Tangy," Mother Goose said. "No, I'm serious---your bees are getting that crap all over the floor."[15]-Mother Goose

"It pronounced Goo-say!"-Mother Goose

"I'm sorry, did a walking puddle just insult my clothes?"-Mother Goose

"You can't abandon me on my birthday!"-Mother Goose

"You can't just sneak up on someone like that in a dangerous forest!"-Mother Goose

"Why do we have to live in a morning kingdom? I swear I am going to move to the Eastern Kingdom. At least people know how to sleep there!"[16]-Mother Goose

"Mother Goose! It's so good to see your face! --"If I had a gold coin for every time someone said that, I would be in debt."[17]-Mother Goose

"Those planes have gotten so damn big they hardly leave room for the rest of us"[18]-Mother Goose

"When I was young, I wanted to live forever. There wasn't a bridge I didn't want to cross, or a stone I wanted to leave unturned. Then I reached a certain age and everything started disappearing. My friends started to die one at a time until none of them were left. The world is always changing, but one day you wake up and realize that it's changed without you- and there's no chance of catching up to it. Your adventures are over, and you find yourself all alone with nothing left but the memories."[19]-Mother Goose

"I remember another time when a bunch of young people went missing- we called it Woodstock, but that's a different story."[20]-Mother Goose

"It has taken me centuries to find the place I belong. It's not the Otherworld, it's not the Fairy Palace, it's not the giant's castle- it's right here with Merlin."[21]-Mother Goose

‘By our authority! And would it kill you to take a bath and cut your dang nails? I thought you were a sloth until you opened your mouth!’-Mother Goose

"Heck, Arty, if you founded Camelot, assembled the Knights of the Round Table, Located the Holy Grail, and still had feelings for Alex after you were done-I'd take you to her myself!"-Mother Goose

"I'm friggin' fairy!?"-Mother Goose

Ar-ty! Ar-ty! Ar-ty!” ...“Show that scarecrow who’s boss! Kick the hay outta him!”-Mother Goose



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