Biographical Information
World Land of Stories
Title(s) Leader of the Big Bad Wolf Pack
Also known as
Physical information
Species Wolf
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair colour Jet-black
Eye colour Red
Personality Talking wolf
Family information
Family Members The Original Big Bad Wolf (father)
Affiliation Unknown
Land of Stories
First Appearance The Wishing Spell, ch. 6
Appeared in Book(s) The Wishing Spell


Malumclaw is a talking wolf from the Land of Stories. His father was the original Big Bad Wolf from the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood (first published by Charles Perraut[1]).

His name is derived from the word "malus" - Latin for "evil, wicked"; so basically "evil claw". He only appears in The Wishing Spell. He would do anything to get Red Riding Hood.

 Appearance and Personality

"These wolves were unlike any the twins had ever seen before. They were four times the size of any normal wolf of their world. Their fur was jet-black and matted. Their eyes were red, and their snouts were wide."[2]

Malumclaw is the leader and the largest wolf of the Big Bad Wolf Pack. He can speak.


Malumclaw appears to have a history with Goldilocks, as hinted in chapter 6, where Goldilocks asks him if he "hasn't learned his lesson by now."[3] He also holds a grudge against Queen Red Riding Hood because she killed his father.[4]


Malumclaw makes a deal with the Evil Queen to bring her the twins Alex & Conner in return for Red Riding Hood. He holds up his part of the bargain and is about to kill Red Riding Hood when a cannon ball from the Northern Kingdom army kills him.


"Wolves want for nothing."[5]

"Then horse it is!"

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