Mermaid Bay
Mermaid bay.jpg
Type Unknown
Rulers Unknown
Founder Unknown
Population Mermaids & other sea creatures
Institutions Unknown
Neighbors The Fairy Kingdom (West), The Sleeping Kingdom (North)


Mermaid Bay lies in the south of the Land of Stories, between the Sleeping Kingdom and the Fairy Kingdom. It is filled with mermaids and all of them are polite


The Dragon Age

In the Dragon Age, the entire Land of Stories was terrorized by dragons, including the Mermaid Bay.

The Age of Magic

The Happily Ever After Assembly was founded and the kingdoms were divided. Mermaid Bay is apparently not claimed by any king or queen.

The Golden Age

The Seafoam Spirit and the mermaids aid Alex and Conner in defeating the Evil Queen and the Enchantress. The bay was poisoned by pirates.


The Wishing Spell

After a narrow escape from Malumclaw and his pack in the dwarf mines, Alex and Conner are captured by the trolls & goblins again. Conner purposefully leads the pack back onto their trails to attack their captors. They escape by jumping into Mermaid Bay. Underwater, the twins meet the Seafoam Spirit who reveals the last item they need - her dagger. Unfortunately, it was in the Thornbush Pit because she told the previous person who was collecting the items to destroy it. She gives them magic necklaces for protection.

The Enchantress Returns

The twins return to Mermaid Bay to try and collect the Sea Witch's jewels for the Wand of Wonderment. The Seafoam Spirit offers her help again. Goldilocks pretends to be Queen Red and they offer the Sea Witch a deal to exchange her jewels for "Queen Red". The Sea Witch sees through the deception and attacks them. They barely escape with the jewels and Dr. Bob's engagement ring, which the Sea Witch also had in her possession.

An Author's Odyssey

At the beginning of An Author's Odyssey, it is mentioned that Captain Hook's pirates poisoned the bay and the mermaids fled deeper into the ocean - their current whereabouts and status are unknown.[1]

Notable Places

In The Wishing Spell, the twins meet the Seafoam Spirit in an underwater cave. In The Enchantress Returns, they also visit the Seawitch's Cave.

Notable Characters



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