When Alex and Conner try to gather the magical items they need to make the Wishing Spell work, one "ingredient" is a part of Red Riding Hood's basket.

"the bark of a basket held in fright while running from a bark with bite." [1]

Queen Red Riding Hood keeps a large basket collection in her castle, which even has its own room to display them, and the twins need a long time to find the right one. When they do, it turns out someone else is also gathering ingredients of the Wishing Spell; the Huntress has also broken into the castle and taken a part of the basket. She knocks over a lantern on her way out, causing a fire that burns down the entire castle.

The original basket is most likely lost in the fire. However, in The Enchantress Returns, Red already has a new collection large enough it can be used to build the HMS Granny.

Apart from being an ingredient for the spell, it does not say if the basket has any other magical qualities.


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