Snow Queen
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Biographical Information
World Land of Stories
Title(s) Unknown
Also known as "Abominable snow-woman" (Conner), "Your Coldness" (General Marquis), "Your Shiveringness" (Masked Man), "Snowy Weatherberry" (A Tale of Magic), "Madame Weatherberry" (A Tale of Magic), "Celeste Weatherberry" (A Tale of Magic) '" Snowy Celeste Weatherberry"' (A Tale of Magic)
Physical information
Species Weather Witch
Gender Female
Age Over a thousand years old
Hair colour White (Formerly dark)
Eye colour Two bright lights (Formerly purple)
Personality Pale, frostbitten skin; tiny jagged teeth; raspy voice; power-hungry
Family information
Family Members The Summer Witch (sister)
Affiliation The Sea Witch, Brystal Evergreen, Emerelda, Xanthous, Tangerina, Skylene, [[
Land of Stories
First Appearance The Enchantress Returns, ch 17 (release date)

A Tale of Magic..., prologue (chronologically)

Appeared in Book(s) The Enchantress Returns, A Grimm Warning, Beyond the Kingdoms, A Tale of Magic

"Looks like winter is coming" the grandmother said. "That, or the Snow Queen has been visiting you"

-Kay's grandmother, A Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales

The Snow Queen is a powerful sorceress and the ruler of winter and all that is cold.


The Snow Queen is loosely based on the character from the fairy tale "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen.

In The Land of Stories series, she gets an original background story. Jack describes her as a weather witch who, a long time ago, secretly plotted against the king of the Northern Kingdom, whom she had befriended by granting him wishes and making prophecies. She overthrew the king and covered the kingdom in an everlasting winter. She was eventually overthrown by Wise Prince White and banished to the Northern Mountains, where she lives in an icy lair with her polar bears. Every now and then, she sends a blizzard to let the people know that she is still there.

In A Tale of Magic... she promised Brystal Evergreen that she will send northern lights as a signal that she is winning the fight against the Snow Queen. The minute they disappear means that the Snow Queen has taken over.


fanart by JW Melmoth

"The Snow Queen was a tall woman with a large white fur coat, a snowflake crown, and a cloth wrapped around her eyes. Her skin was so pale and frostbitten it was practically blue. She had a very strong jaw and tiny jagged teeth. She clutched a long icicle scepter in one hand, and her other hand was being stroked by something enormous and fluffy kneeling before was a polar bear."[1]

When Alex looked into her face without the blindfold, the Snow Queen's eyes resembled two bright lights.[2]

When she was Celeste Weatherberry, or Madame Weatherberry, she had a different appearance.

"She was a beautiful woman with dark hair and bright eyes, and she wore a vibrant purple gown, a stylish fascinator, and one glove, on her left arm." from Chapter 6.

"She wore an elegant purple gown that matched her large bright eyes, and curiously, only one glove, which covered her left arm. Her dark hair was tucked beneath an elaborate fascinator, with flowers, feathers, and a short veil that fell over her face." from the prologue.


The Snow Queen is blind, and has a group of talking polar bears around her who pretend she is still Queen by faking the sounds of marching soldiers and telling her stories about her 'people'. Though Alex and Conner try to tell her the truth about her 'palace' and the polar bears, she still lives with the polar bears during the events of A Grimm Warning.

While she may appear mad, she is a cunning woman who, along with the Sea Witch, crafted a long, elaborate plan to conquer the Otherworld. She is calm, cool, and cold like ice.

The Snow Queen is described to be carrying a grudge against the people of the Northern Kingdom.


She was the former Royal Adviser of the King of the Northern Kingdom and knew the Masked Man (presumably also his identity).

In Beyond the Kingdoms, she visited the other witches at their monthly gathering together with the Sea Witch. The other witches were terrified of them and even bowed.[3] It was revealed that she had previously worked together with the Sea Witch to curse Ezmia, to use her as a weapon to take over the Land of Stories and the Otherworld; when Ezmia was defeated by Alex, they shifted their focus to trying to curse Alex. Their curse wasn't strong enough, though, and they asked the other witches to join them.[4]

Powers and Abilities

The Snow Queen, like all witches, can cast spells, curses, charms and enchantments. She, along with the Sea Witch, created a curse capable of amplifying the negative emotions of even the strongest fairy.

Like all witches, the Snow Queen's use of witchcraft has granted her an exceptionally long life. Her exact age is unknown but she has lived before Ezmia's corruption(since she was responsible for the poor fairy's plight.)

A kiss from the Snow Queen can erase memories. Only true love can break the spell and restore what was taken.

The Snow Queen is known as a weather witch, meaning she has the ability to manipulate all aspects of weather, including rain, sleet and snow. The Snow Queen is gifted in the ice and snow aspects of weather magic. She channels her icy powers through an icy scepter. By waving it, she can conjure huge and terrible snow storms and even today she sends frosty weather down to the Northern Kingdom. She can even create ice in warm places and can conjure a frost capable of instantly freezing everything in its path. She can also make icy constructs like the pillars of her mountain lair and her sleigh or icy golems like her snowflake-winged birds.

Despite her terrible case of frostbite, the Snow Queen may have a degree of resistance to the cold. She has lived for years in a frigid climate and hasn't suffered from hypothermia.

Instead of seeing the present, the Snow Queen can gaze into the future. However, her premonitions are never clear and they come in the form of riddles.



2. The Enchantress Returns

Alex and Conner need the Snow Queen's scepter for the Wand of Wonderment, and fight her and her polar bears with Goldilocks and Jack. Before falling unconscious, the Snow Queen gives Alex a prophecy: "Of the four travelers, one will not return." In the last chapter of the book, it is revealed that she meant the four travelers from the Otherworld; Alex, Conner, Charlotte and Dr. Bob; Alex will stay in the Land of Stories.

3. A Grimm Warning

The Masked Man leads General Marquis to the Snow Queen's lair to retrieve a dragon egg. The Snow Queen already knows what the Masked Man is coming to get, and reminds him of the deal they made the last time they met: the egg for the Northern Kingdom. She also knows who General Marquis is, having prophesied his coming a long time ago.[5] When they leave with the egg, the Snow Queen foresees that the Masked Man's identity will soon be revealed to the person he most wishes to keep it secret from. Since their plan to overtake the Kingdoms fails, the Snow Queen does not get her part of the deal.

4. Beyond the Kingdoms

The Snow Queen and the Sea Witch meet with Morina and the other witches to make a plan to curse Alex. They will use her to conquer the Otherworld.

5. An Author's Odyssey

She and the Sea Witch tell Morina to curse Alex. When Morina leaves to cast the curse, the Sea Witch reveals her suspicions of Morina to the Snow Queen. The queen informs her that the Sea witch's suspicions are correct but she has seen the failure of Morina's plot to usurp them.

6. Worlds Collide

The Snow Queen invades the Otherworld along with the other witches. The forces of the Otherworld forces the witches to hide behind a magic barrier made by Alex in Central Park. In the battle between witches and fairies, the Snow Queen was melted/destroyed by Xanthous.

7. A Tale of Magic...

The Snow Queen's history was revealed. Celeste 'Snowy' Weatherberry was a talented fairy who taught Brystal Evergreen, Emerelda Stone, Xanthous Hayfield, Lucy Goose, Skylene Lavenders, and Tangerina Turkin, who would go on to form the future Fairy Council. She was also the author of "The Truth About Magic", which was the plan to reduce tension between fairies and humans by fueling hatred for witches. The plan failed, but she had a backup plan, which was to turn into the Snow Queen with the help of her magic scepter and 4 witch allies, so that the humans would have to turn to the magical community for help on exterminating the Snow Queen, who was causing havoc in the Northern Kingdom.

The plan backfired since she was unable to control her power once she transformed, and the witches were no help because they had tricked her for their selfish gain. Frostbite marks and bruises (on arms and face) started appearing on her skin as signs of using witchcraft, and her students had to stop her.

Brystal (the future Fairy Godmother) refused to kill her, as she reasoned that the humans would not instantly trust the magical community just because of one defeat. Instead, they could rewrite history to say they did it. The deal was that the Snow Queen would retreat to the mountains to live out the rest of her life, and to only send occasional warnings and signals of her existence. Her other students do not know she was their former teacher.

8. A Tale of Witchcraft...

The Snow Queen is separated and blinded by Madame Weatherberry by using the remaining strength she had. When Brystal goes to see her, and it is seen that she froze the Snow Queen in a block of ice so that she couldn't harm anyone. Celeste's soul/spirit tells her when the northern lights go out, the Snow Queen is causing trouble and needs to be stopped. She also tells her what the Righteous Brotherhood is after seeing the bloodstone arrow. Then Lucy comes and tries to hurt the Snow Queen using the bloodstone arrow, before Brystal tells her that it is Madame Weatherberry, which she realizes.

In the end, Brystal writes all of the information she gave her in a letter to Emeralda, which Emeralda then finds and reads to everybody before saving her. In that letter, she also tells everyone that Madame Weatherberry is the Snow Queen and what her plan was, which Lucy confirms.


  • "You are not the first witch to see the Otherworld as a potential home, Morina."[6]
  • "After centuries of sending blizzards through the kingdoms, I've collected the remaining specks," The Snow Queen continued.
  • "Morina will try to betray us, but she will fail," she said. "Once Alex Bailey is under the the dust's spell, nothing will stop her-nothing!"
  • "For someone so consumed in the future, you know nothing about the past," she said," The contents of this bag will ensure our conquest of the Otherworld."
  • "Every accomplishment in history started as an unrealistic goal. A prosperous future is built by the persistence of its past - and we can't let doubt hold our persistence hostage."


  • Unlike the other fairy tale characters, the story the Snow Queen came from was never confirmed to exist in the Land of Stories but elements from it such as the evil mirror appear in the series.
  • The Snow Queen was not always evil; she was originally a fairy whose goal was to help the magical community.
  • The Snow Queen (formerly Celeste Weatherberry) used to be an author and a teacher who taught the Fairy Council how to channel emotions and how to use magic.
  • She had a husband named Horence Marks, who was burned alive at the stake because Celeste was a fairy. She used dark magic to bring him back, thus resulting in a damaged, black arm.



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