It was a lovely home, painted blue with white trim, and had several windows. The front yard was landscaped to perfection; it had just the right amount of grass, patches of colourful flowers, and a large oak tree ideal for climbing. If a house could smile, this house would be grinning from ear to ear. [TLOS I, ch 2, p. 29]

The Bailey Family's old house had to be sold after the twins' father, John Bailey, died. The family could no longer afford it and moved to a smaller apartment instead.

It is mentioned in The Wishing Spell that Conner liked to sit in the oak tree[1] by the house when he had had a bad day, and sometimes his father would join him there and tell him stories to make him feel better. The house holds a lot of memories for the twins, and when they find out it has been sold[2], they are very sad about it.


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