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The Corner Kingdom
The corner kingdom.jpg
Type Monarchy
Rulers Queen Rapunzel, Sir William
Founder Rapunzel (probably)
Population Human
Institutions Part of The Happily Ever After Assembly and the Happily Forever After Assembly
Neighbors The Dwarf Forests (North), The Charming Kingdom (East)

”The tower was surrounded by a sea of trees. Far off into the distance, Alex could barely see the rooftops of a tiny village; beyond the village was a large mountain range that rolled across the horizon.[1]


The Corner Kingdom is located in the southwest of the Land of Stories, and it’s one of the smallest kingdoms. It is bordered by The Dwarf Forests in the North and the Charming Kingdom in the East. It is ruled by Queen Rapunzel and her husband, Sir William

Not much is known about The Corner Kingdom. It probably became a kingdom after the witch who owned the land and kept Rapunzel captive died. Therefore, Rapunzel became the new owner of the territory. It has a small army of 500 men and there are small villages across the land. It is unknown if there is a castle or a larger town in the kingdom.

The most well-known landmark in the kingdom is the tower in which Rapunzel lived. Her room in the tower was formerly only accessible by climbing her hair or the outside of the structure itself (Alex's method of getting in) to enter through the window, but after Rapunzel became queen, she installed a staircase so that the room would be easier to enter whenever she felt nostalgic and decided to visit the place.

The kingdom is surrounded by sea on the Western and Southern borders and there are mountains in the Northern part of the kingdom. There is a river tracing the border with The Charming Kingdom; one of the ways to cross is by using a bridge under which the Bridge Troll lives.  


The Dragon Age

All of the Land of Stories is terrorized by dragons.

The Age of Magic

The Happily Ever After Assembly is founded and the kingdoms are divided. Rapunzel becomes Queen after inheriting the land from the witch who had kept her locked in the tower

The Golden Age

After years of "living happily ever after", the Enchantress threatens to take over the Land of Stories. Roughly a year later, General Marquis and the Grande Armée arrive and attack the kingdoms. When that crisis is overcome, the Masked Man attacks the kingdom.


The Wishing Spell

The Corner Kingdom is the first kingdom the twins go to while searching for the items for the Wishing Spell. It is where they collect a lock of Rapunzel’s golden hair ("A wavy lock of golden rope that once was freedom’s only hope"[2]), the first and most easily collected item for the spell. 

The Enchantress Returns

In the second part of this series, The Corner Kingdom is mentioned late into the story, when we find out that Ezmia has attacked it and knocked down Rapunzel’s tower. It’s the second kingdom to be attacked – the first one being Red Riding Hood Kingdom. The Corner Kingdom is briefly surrendered to the Enchantress during one of the final scenes, but quickly regained once Ezmia is defeated. 

A Grimm Warning

It is mentioned that Jack and Goldilocks got engaged while fighting with soldiers of the Corner Kingdom.[3]

Once the threat of the Grand Armée becomes real to the inhabitants of the Land of Stories, each kingdom begins organizing their armies. The Corner Kingdom’s army, however, is very small, consisting of only 500 men.

Beyond the Kingdoms

After the Masked Man travels into works of literature to recruit for his army, the Corner Kingdom is attacked by the flying monkeys of the Wicked Witch of the West.[4]

An Author's Odyssey

At the beginning of An Author's Odyssey, it is mentioned that after the flying monkeys attack, the kingdom ceased to be and was integrated in to a large empire ruled by the Masked Man. When he is deposed by the Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook and the Wicked Witch of the West, the three literary villains take over the rule of the Land of Stories. Queen Rapunzel and Sir William are saved by Jack, Goldilocks and their friends.

Worlds Collide

It is presumed that the Corner Kingdom returned to usual after the war.

Notable Places

  • Rapunzel's Tower : The most notable place in the Corner Kingdom, and an emblem of the kingdom,“[…] it represents their queen and the beginning of their country. It symbolizes their history and their spirit.”.[5]
  • The Troll Bridge : between the Corner Kingdom and the Charming Kingdom, home of the Bridge Troll.

Notable Characters 

  • Queen Rapunzel : ruling monarch.
  • Sir William : Queen Rapunzel's husband.
  • Unnamed Witch who once ruled the Corner Kingdom before her death.
  • The Corner Kingdom's army : In A Grimm Warning, the army is said to have approximately 500 soldiers (before fighting the Grande Armée).[6]



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