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The Dragon is an original character from the Land of Stories series. He appears in A Grimm Warning.


In the Land of Stories mythology, dragons are said to have gone extinct at the end of the Dragon Age, when they were vanquished in a team effort by fairies and elves [1]

However, the Snow Queen possesses a dragon egg and trades it with the Masked Man. He knows a lot about dragons and manages to hatch it. The dragon feeds on livestock and human flesh. Controlled by the one who holds its egg shell, the dragon is set to attack the Fairy Palace, but is ultimately defeated by the Fairy Godmother. She traps the dragon in a silvery trail of magic from her wand, and it bursts into clumps of ash.[2]

He is the one who, upon command from the Masked Man, kills General Marquis.

Appearance and Personality

"The dragon egg was twice the size of the Masked Man's head. It was the shape of a regular egg but was covered in a black shell with the same rough texture as coal. Cracks the egg had received over the years were covered in gold to preserve it, like a rotting tooth."[3]

"[The dragon] was almost as tall as the Fairy Palace. Red scales covered his body and a forked tongue slipped in and out of his sharp teeth. He had two horns and sharp spikes covered his head and traveled down his spine. Two large wings grew out of the dragon's back and a long tail whipped behind him. Smoke continuously floated out of his enormous nostrils as if they were the exhaust pipes of a steam engine."[4]

The dragon is not capable of speech. He attacks by breathing fire. The Fairy Godmother says the trick to defeating dragons is to "remember you are much smarter and more powerful".


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