The Dwarf Forests
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Type The dwarf forests are lawless
Rulers -
Founder -
Population Criminals and fugitives; witches; former home of Froggy and Hagatha
Institutions -
Neighbors The Elf Empire (North-West), The Northern Kingdom (North-East), The Red-Riding Hood Kingdom (East), The Charming Kingdom (South-East), The Corner Kingdom (South)

The Dwarf Forests

"It's a very dangerous place. It's the only designated area of land without a ruler or a government; it's a kingdom where everyone is their own king. It used to be populated by dwarfs who worked in the mines, but now it's full of criminals and fugitives mostly. It's a place where people go when they don't want to be found."[1]


A dangerous area, hideaway for criminals and fugitives. It lies in the west between the Elf Empire and the Corner Kingdom.


The Dragon Age

All of the Land of Stories is terrorized by dragons.

The Age of Magic

The Happily Ever After Assembly is founded and the kingdoms are devided. The Dwarf Forests are apparently not claimed by any king or queen. 

The Golden Age

When the Enchantress threatens to take over the Land of Stories, many outlaws join her. General Marquis also musters for his army here. The Masked Man organizes his coup in a cave in the forest, and Alex, Conner and their friends use the forest to hide and plan their resistance.


The Wishing Spell

Alex and Conner enter the Land of Stories through the Dwarf Forests. They meet Froggy, who gives them the travel journal and encourages them to try and gather the items to do the Wishing Spell. The twins try to get out of the dangerous forests but run into the Gingerbread House WitchThe Big Bad Wolf Pack and Goldilocks first. They later return to the Dwarf Forests to visit the Dwarf Mines in order to acquire gems from Snow White's coffin.

The Enchantress Returns

Alex and Conner spy on a gathering of outlawed talking animals who are planning to join the Enchantress. They meet up with Prince Charlie, who is a frog again in order to spy on the outlaws undercover. They return to the Dwarf Forests at the end of the book, when the Seven Dwarfs bury their eighth brother, Rumplestiltskin.

A Grimm Warning

Alex revisits the Dwarf Forests by invitation of Jack and Goldilocks, who get married in a small clearing in the woods. When Alex, Conner and Lester are wounded during the attack on the Elf Empire, they are found by Hagetta and brought back to her cottage in the forest to be healed.

Beyond the Kingdoms

After the events of A Grimm WarningRook and Cornelius follow the Masked Man and find him living in a cave with a collection of his books. They watch him use the Portal Potion to go inside the books to recruit his army of literary villains.

An Author's Odyssey

Alex, Conner and their friends hide in the forest to regroup and plan their counter-attack against the Masked Man. When the royals are rescued, they are taken here.

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