Working place of the dwarfs in the Dwarf Forests. When Alex and Conner try to find Snow White's glass coffin at her palace to take a gem for the Wishing Spell, Snow White tells them she gave it back to the dwarfs and that it's in the mines.

"There were several tunnels leading into the side of the mountain. They were much different from the tunnels they had seen in the Troll and Goblin territory; they were perfectly round and sturdy. Dozens of dwarfs were working in them, transporting wagons of jewels and rocks from one tunnel into the next."[1]

The mines are huge, and there is a transport system with carts on tracks. Deep inside the mines is a a kind of break-room for the dwarfs, with tables and chairs. The glass coffin is displayed there under a large portrait of Snow White.[2]


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