The Land of Stories is a series of children's fiction novels written by Chris Colfer. So far it consists of 6 novels, The Wishing Spell (July 2012), The Enchantress Returns (August 2013), A Grimm Warning (July 2014), Beyond the Kingdoms (July 2015) An Author's Odyssey (July 2016), and Worlds Collide (July 2017).

A picture book, The Curvy Tree (October 2015), a picture book, Trollbella Throws A Party, and a box set, Mother Goose Diaries / Queen Red Riding Hood's Guide to Royalty (November 2015), The Ultimate Book Hugger’s Guide, and a Fairy Tales Treasury have also been released.

A graphic novel about Goldilocks has been confirmed. Chris Colfer has also mentioned being in negotiations about a possible movie feature.

Books from the main series


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