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This page is about The Land Of Stories Wiki.

The idea for this The Land Of Stories Wiki originated between JWMelmoth and Moishpain on Tumblr in 2014. The first domain of this wiki was established on the 15th of January 2015 by Moishpain, who went inactive shortly after the first set-up. It was originally registered under and was filled with content, keywords and navigation structure by JWM.

There were 2-3 other The Land of Stories wikias around that time, all only half-filled and inactive. JWM contacted its admins and eventually got permission to merge them into the URL we have now:

In 2015 the admins saw a lot of vandalism on the pages; every time Chris Colfer was in the news with his books or acting career, people left rude / homophobic comments here and/or severely vandalised pages. JWM took agressive action and made sign-up mandatory, disabling anonymous edits and blocking users who vandalised pages. The editing functions for the main pages (TLOS index, Alex, Conner) were temporarily blocked. Restrictions could be eased again in 2016 and the main character pages could be re-opened for edits.

Caitlyn H. joined JWM as an admin in 2018-2019 and has been helping with the maintenance and reported comments of the pages and threads ever since.

After a temporary inactive phase of the wiki, Invisible Hoverboard was adopted here in July 2021, and is the bureaucrat and administrator.

The wiki is still edited and added to on a weekly basis, yet all of us have busy offline lives and the wiki is still far away from being complete...this is where you come in!

Are you making fanart and wondering about the colour of Goldilocks’ eyes? Do you want to put that funny Conner quote on tumblr, but you don’t remember exactly which book it’s from? Who lives in the Corner Kingdom? And what’s the name of that silly old goose again?

Try finding your answers in the fan-made TLOS WIKI!

Here, you’ll find book summaries, character profiles, quotes, mythology, geography, magic & more… and the best part is – you can be a part of it! All pages can be edited and you are welcome to join us and contribute to this wiki!  

We are always welcoming editors, fanartists, and tlos fans interested in discussing the books :) Add information to the existing pages, create new pages, upload your fanart or your holiday pictures of Neuschwanstein… and share your love of the books!

Mission Statement

To provide information about the magical world of The Land of Stories for readers of all ages and help fans connect through their love of Chris Colfer's books.


  • Add new pages and grow stubs
  • Add more content to book 5, 6 and the newer special editions