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The Land of Stories is a storybook that used to belong to Alex' and Conner's grandmother. On their twelfth birthday, she gives it to them. They have fond memories of reading it together with their grandmother, but do not know it has any special powers when they get it.

"She returned carrying a large, old book with a dark emerald cover titled The Land of Stories in gold writing. Alex and Conner knew what the book was as soon as they saw it. If their childhood could be symbolized by an object, it was this book."[1]

The book humms and glows when the portal is activated; Alex finds out by accident, and starts dropping pencils and books into it, watching them disappear. Conner finds out when a bird flies out of the pages. He thinks it may be dangerous and wants to get rid of it. Alex disagrees. Later, she is unable to suppress her curiosity and tries putting her hand inside. Conner suspects she might try to go into the book and tries to stop her. Startled by the sudden arrival of Conner, she falls in. Conner follows her.[2]


The Otherworld-side is portable and can be accessed from whichever point the book is activated. Alex activates the portal in her bedroom. On the Land of Stories side, the portal leads to the Dwarf Forests.

The Fairy Godmother takes the book with her at the start of The Enchantress Returns so the twins will stay in their world.[3]


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