"Many believe that possessing the Wand of Wonderment gives the beholder the gift of invincibility."[1]

The Wand of Wonderment is a magic wand made out of the six most prized possessions of the six most hated people in the world. It makes the wielder invincible. When Alex and Conner assemble it, the items they need are:

(in order of acquisition)

The Wand is mentioned in one of Froggy's books, called Myths, Legends and Collection Spells.[2] Alex and Conner leaf through the book when they are in Froggy's library in Red's new castle. Conner later remembers reading about the spell and realizes it is the only way to defeat Ezmia.

The wand magically "attracts" its parts when they come near, like a magnet.[3] One of the items is actually alive- the Giant's singing harp, Harper, sacrifices herself to become part of the wand and save the Land of Stories. Ezmia's pride is the last thing Alex manages to take.

When the wand is complete, Alex is blasted into the air by Ezmia. She regathers her strength and returns, but Ezmia takes control of the wand and tries to kill Alex. Rumplestiltskin jumps in front of her curse in the last moment and is killed. Conner destroys the wand and Ezmia, robbed of the power and magic that was keeping her alive, dies.

Theoretically, the wand could be reassembled when the "six most hated people in the world" change, and with them, the items to make the wand.


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